Languettes et labyrinthes
(Strips and labyrinthes)


Montreal, Quebec

This permanent public artwork was commissioned by the Commission scolaire de Montreal for École primaire Saint-François-d’Assise in Montreal.
Made in partnership with HTA (Héloïse Thibodeau Architecte), lead architect Genevieve Thibodeau.

The artwork design was embedded into several concrete walls of this school, using Graphic Concrete technology.
The design contains forest scenes, insects, sea life, and labyrinths. It’s a repeat pattern, inspired by the geometry of a strip quilt block pattern, oriented so that it doesn’t appear to be a repeat pattern.

A complimentary artwork was installed indoors on a hallway floor, printed on vinyl, and embedded in resin. This labyrinth, made to look like an enlarged labyrinth drawing, was filled images of Ernst Haeckel’s botanical illustrations.