96" wide x 42" high x 8" deep
2, Sainte-Anne Avenue (Pointe-Claire, QC)

Materials; Ductal contrete, porcelain ceramic with image transfer
Fabricators: m3béton and Mosaika Art & Design
Made in collaboration with landscape architect, Eileen Finn

Commissioned by the City of Pointe-Claire in Quebec, this sculpture was to commemorate the 230 years of service of the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre-Dame. Their residence, next to the artwork site, was recently closed, marking the end of an era. The sculpture was made of Ductal concrete, using actual books as the mould. This technique results in the books leaving an impression into the concrete, with pages and embossed titles remaining in the inverse. Book were used as the dominant element in the artwork as teaching was the primary vocation of this order. The colour ceramic inserts were images of actual books used by the Sisters to teach with.