"Graffiti art is no piece of cake..."  Huff post 


Shelley Miller is a Montreal-based artist who works in public spaces, creating both ephemeral street art installations with sugar as the medium, as well as permanent public art commissions. 

Shelley’s specialty is working in public spaces, creating site-specific projects, in both ephemeral materials and permanent. She has created permanent artworks within the healthcare, education, and transportation systems, as well as for private corporations. She has also created impermanent street art installations using sugar, that wash away over time. Her artworks have been commissioned and exhibited across Canada, as well as Brazil, India and Australia.

Shelley’s working process is one of inclusion and collaboration, always taking into consideration her audience and the users of a particular space. Each artwork is designed with site in mind, often incorporating local history or materials that reflect their surrounding. This includes creating artworks that are harmonious with the surrounding architectural materials and style. As project manager she has experience working with architects, engineers, administrators and fabricators to achieve a final artwork that is timeless, yet unique to each space. 

Her work has been acquired by The City of Montreal, The Museum of Modern Art of Bahia (Salvador, Brazil), Reliance Industries (Mumbai, India), the Just for Laughs Museum (Montreal, QC) as well as many private collectors. 

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