CONNECTS: Feijoada Dinner Fundraiser

Last week Friday, I hosted a dinner party for 10 at my place, launching what will be a series of fundraising initiatives over the next year to help off-set costs for community art projects I'm planning to do in Saskatchewan and in Brazil. These projects will expand on People, Pattern, Place, a series I began in 2015, seen in images below.

The overarching goal of these events, as with my collaborative art projects, is to try and connect people, by literally bringing them together. In this age of social media, we're becoming less social and more insular. I am trying to do my small part to bring people back together. What better way to do that than over comfort food, Brazilian music and wine! The menu was traditional Brazilian Feijoada (a slow food, made with smoked pork hocks, salt-cured beef and black beans) and passionfruit mousse. 

At the end of the evening, I was left with heart-warming gratitude for the positive energy and synergy created by and amongst this group of amazing, creative people. We had architects, writers, entrepreneurs and academics, as well as makers in all sorts of creative arts. It can be a lot of work to host a dinner party, but rather than being left with fatigue, I was left with energy and motivation to host more.  Stay tuned!