Symposium d'art international de Baie-Saint-Paul

It’s almost 2 weeks since the Symposium d’art international de Baie-Saint-Paul wrapped up and I’m just getting around to posting final images of my time there. What can I say, it was a very full month, and I have needed some time to get back to “normal” life!  I can say that I dearly miss the new friends I made (especially our epic group dinners and morning coffee sessions), the spacious studio I had, and the long walks down to the beach. 

But back to the art… during the one-month Symposium, with the theme "Art and Politics", I created a new sugar mural. See earlier blog posts for more on the process. The images below are how it looked finished, and once I did some manual erasure with water. As most of you probably know, it’s important for me that the sugar murals do get some erosion or decay or water erasure. They are about the destructive aspects of colonization and systems of oppression. The mural for Baie-Saint-Paul is called POWER, and my intention is to disrupt the façade of perfection and order. Power is not stable: it sometimes appears to be, but it is an illusion and can be dismantled. History has told us this. And as we have also learned from history, many systems of power indeed need to be dismantled. The images below are at the end of the Symposium but I don't consider it finished yet. I will continue to work on it in my Montreal studio, adding in some places, removing in others. I'll let you know when the next incarnation is ready for viewing!

Many thanks to all the visitors who attended this year’s symposium (final count was near 10,000!); thanks to curator Sylvie Lacerte for including me in this fine selection of artists; thanks to the amazing guides who so eloquently explained my work to many people (when my french was not sufficient to do so!), and thanks to my fellow artists at the Symposium. I learned so much from being around all of you. Each of your different working processes taught me something and your kindness to share food, ideas, opinions and humour, were all appreciated and cherished. 

À bientôt Baie-St-Paul!