POWER: New sugar mural in Montreal


Power seduces us. We crave it; desire it. It tempts us, enticing us with its sweet smell of success. 

And, like candy to a child, when we get a taste of power, we continue to want more and more. 
But when do we have enough?  When are we satiated? 

Like a sugar-rotted tooth, power also corrodes.
It corrupts. 
Over time, it breaks down to reveal itself. 

Watch my POWER mural as it too fades and crumbles. 
Installed June 11, 2018 in Montreal, on Maryanne street, across the Parc du Portugal, in conjunction with MURAL festival. 
It will remain until it washes away. 

ADDENDUM: As I posted through social media, my mural was covered by spray paint about a week after I installed it. So the struggle for power in street art took on new meaning!  I added some images of this new manifestation, as well as my counter move :-)
In the end, the insects won, as an infestation of bugs carried on through the summer!