Ancient Remains: Print Edition Release

Recently, the city of New Delhi, India banned all forms of single use plastic. See more details here

Hearing of this news inspired me to release a print edition of a sculpture I did in India during a sculpture symposium. This work is called Ancient Remains. I created this design in response to the proliferation of plastic water bottles littered about, as well as how I, as a foreigner, was highly encouraged to only drink bottled water. At the residency, I was forbidden from re-filling my bottle with filtered water for fear of my safety.  It made me really think about what legacy we were leaving behind: what would the ruins of the future look like?  Plastic remains.

I would like to continue to push forward the agenda of cleaning up our water ways, and ensuring clean drinking water for everyone. Much of the disposable plastic in the world ends up polluting our water ways and ocean life. $10 of every print sold will be donated to a water organization. 

Prints will be available for purchase at CONNECTS, Friday, March 10th (details in previous post), as well through my website soon...