CONNECTS March 10th

Last week Friday, March 10th, my 2nd edition of CONNECTS took place in Montreal's Mile End at the headquarters of Oopsmark, where owner Jesse Herbert creates his stylish tools for urban living. It's a seriously cool company:
This time it was a 5 á 8, casual mixer with drinks and samosas. I had some art for sale, and a donation box for people to contribute to my PEOPLE, PATTERN, PLACE community participation art projects. I'm fundraising to help make these projects a reality. I'll be doing a series of these human quilt formation photo shoots in Melville, Saskatchewan this summer, and then planning a return to Brazil in 2018 to work with several communities there. 

So how did things fare??  Pretty great, I would say! It was a very cold night, with a sudden deep freeze setting in just after 5:00pm that night.  But those who braved the frigid weather found a lot of warmth and positive energy at the event. We had fashion and graphic designers, inventors and scientists, concrete fabricators and art historians. An eclectic mix of creative minds, as I had hoped!  And, I was wearing galaxy pants... so what more could you ask for! 

More events will be announcing in the coming months. Right now, I have art production to get back to!  I will be leading some community art workshops in Pierrefonds, Quebec in April. I'm also working on a new public art commission for a school in Hochalega-Maisonneuve.

If you couldn't make it to the event, but you'd like to contribute to PEOPLE, PATTERN, PLACE, your donations are greatly appreciated. I received a matching grant to buy necessary equipment, but I'm looking to secure the other half of those funds, $2500 in total.  And of course, more of my CONNECTS events will take place down the road... Stay tuned!