Decadence: From start to finish

Art Prize in Grand Rapids, Michigan has wrapped up. I'm really proud to have made it to the final round, after being voted into the top 5 public choice votes in my category of installation. I had a great experience being in Grand Rapids for 10, meeting people while installing my sugar mural, and teaching several hundred kids at the Grand Rapids Public Museum, which was also the venue that hosted me and my artwork. 

Here are the final images of my mural, called Decadence. The statement I had for the work is also listed below if you want to know about the concept behind the piece. 

STATEMENT: "This ephemeral sugar mural is dedicated to excess. It’s made of sugar because what could be a better symbol of desire and greed than this mouth-watering pleasure that culturally, has been turned into a staple, found in almost every meal. Sugar is also a symbol: a stand-in for all those other commodities that circle the globe, helping corporations to grow and the individual to diminish. Sugar’s painful history of slavery may be the past, but let’s ask ourselves how many other commodities are linked to new forms of slavery and oppression? Decadence is a term often used to describe opulence and luxury. But the origins of the word imply decay. Decay feeds the opulence… So what happens when moderation turns to excess? Come watch and see… the living, and reciprocally, the dying process of this mural will happen gradually over the duration of Art Prize. Pieces fall apart and images fade, not unlike history and our memory of events."