Workshop: Making edible sugar mosaics for cake decorating

If you are familiar with my work, you know about my sugar tile murals. I make the sugar tiles by hand, then paint them, thus creating the mural. But a looooong time ago, I made a cake that looked like a mosaic table top. It was classic broken tile mosaic (for those of you who know mosaic lingo). I even had some "grout lines" on top that were created with carefully combed buttercream icing. And, to top it all off, edible nippers made of marzipan. Delicious! 

So I'm teaming up with a mosaic atelier in Montreal to do a one-day workshop on how to make your own mosaic tile cake. I'll cover how to make the sugar fondant, tips for painting the imagery, making the mosaic and finally applying it to a cake. And when it's all done, we'll eat cake! What could be better!  

Monday, May 2nd from 10am - 4pm

If you want to register, email
All the details are on the MosaikaShop blog:
Hope to see you there!