AMT PROJECT "Tissu Urbain" (AKA: my baby)

Time can fly pretty fast. As a parent, I often gauge time in terms of how old my son is, or what happened ‘pre-child’ vs ‘post-child’.  But in the case of my public art project for a new AMT commuter train station (Montreal-North / St. Michel AMT station), it’s literally the age of my son. I was pregnant with him when I was short-listed, and showed up for the site visit with the artists and architect waddling at 5-months pregnant. I continued to work furiously on the design every time my newborn slept. Then, when he was only 3 months old, I had to present my design concept and maquette to the selection committee.  Sleep deprived or not, never underestimate the competitive drive of a new mom!  I was awarded the commission and now, my son is almost 3 years old and the project is finally done. 

It's on the floor and waiting for an installation date to be set. Hopefully that'll be in the next month, but with construction deadlines, it may have to wait a little longer. I'm only showing details for now... you'll have to wait a little longer for the grand unveiling.