One of my favourite things about starting a new project is figuring out how to turn an idea into a tangible thing. Everything is perfect in your sketchbook. My sketchbook is my playground; a place where I can dream big. But to convince others to fund those dreams takes a different art form: planning and budgeting. 

To make my ideas come to fruition I need to collaborate with other talented people. I visited m3béton yesterday, a company I worked with a few years ago to help make "CIRCULATION". Together, we're coming up with great solutions for new ideas. Tomorrow, I'm going to visit a 3D printing and modelling lab. I've never done that kind of work before, and maybe I won't anytime soon, but I'm excited to see new possibilities and to forge new relationships. 

I used to think that art-making was a solo act. But I've learned over the years that it takes teamwork to accomplish great things: professionally and personally. I still like to sit in my studio alone, enjoying the silence. But I keep reminding myself to open my door, and symbolically open my heart to ever increasing possibilities in the world.