Last night, my 3-year old found my Achilles heel. Just before it was time for him to go to bed, he started begging and pleading "but I want to DRAW!". Over and over, he asked to draw. How could I refuse? Although the chance was very high he was just trying to avoid bedtime, I still wanted to believe that he might have been overcome with inspiration. Heck, maybe we could pull an all-nighter sometime, drawing, collaging, listening to music.  Ok... so maybe not that far. But if his reason to go to bed later is because he wants to draw, I'll gladly grant him that wish. 

Here he is in front of his first wall painting:

And this is his "edited" version of my design for the MUHC hospital public art project. He continued to glue additional hexagons onto a print-out of the design that he found on my desk. It's pretty good. Maybe next time, I'll consult with him earlier in the design stage.