TISSU URBAIN - Inauguration

These photos were taken Monday, November 17th. I'm so proud to have my work in this prominent location and I hope it continues to be a part of this area's urban fabric for many decades to come. 

You know a project is officially done when there's a ribbon-cutting ceremony!  I kind of wish all my projects had that kind of grand finale. In this case, it was more than just to mark the completion of my artwork, but to inaugurate the opening of a new commuter train station in St-MIchel - Montréal North. This AMT station is part of the new commuter train line going out to Mascouche, on Montreal's North Shore.

I also want to give a shout out to my fabricator, Mosaika Art & Design, in Montreal, for the amazing work they did to translate my original  artwork design in ceramic. I literally can't tell the difference between a photo of my original, and a photo of the final product!