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New Work for Katzman Contemporary Gallery (Toronto, Feb. 1-18, 2014)

I created this new series of collage drawings for a group show at Katzman Contemporary Gallery in Toronto, as part of a tribute show to Jeannie Thib.
Titles: Jali study (1 -5)
Materials: Previously used and collected makeup compacts (tins were extracted from the compacts and emptied of their powder contents, then collaged on the paper), graphite

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Featured in book: Creaticity

My work has been included in the art book, Creaticity, featuring artists who work in public spaces.
In Spanish and English. Authors Daniela Poch and Arcadi Poch. Concept and compilation by Kognitif.
Published by Editorial Lemo, 2013.
The book can be ordered here:

Here is a PDF of my page:
Creaticity(LR) 108

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“Velocity” – sugar mural for Waterloo, Australia

I’m part of a group exhibition called “Sugar Sugar” in Waterloo, Australia. Dates of the show are October 2-19, 2013
I wanted to do a tile sugar mural, but I wasn’t able to physically go the Australia to do the project.
For the first time ever, I decided to try and send my sugar work. It was an experiment I felt that was necessary to see if it was possible to transport such fragile work. Luckily, it all worked out. It took a very well planned crate to get it there, but now I can see that it’s possible to send this type of work anywhere in the world.

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Sugar Bomb – part of “Street Meet”, a 3-day festival on graffiti, street and public art (Saskatoon, SK)

Check out the time-lapse video of a sugar graffiti piece I did in Saskatoon, SK this July 2013.

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Art resolution 2013: a fabric quilt block a day

At the start of the new year, I decided to set what seemed to be a small goal: to make a 9″ square quilt block each day, for the rest of 2013. I consider it like a ‘drawing a day’ exercise, but mine will all be done with fabric. 2 weeks into it, I’m seeing that it’s more work than I expected.
I know that I will not actually be able to do one every day, but I figure I should at least do my best to try. I’ll add new images every few weeks (or whenever I have some progress to show!)

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Feature in Greek pastry magazine

If any of you understand Greek, then by all means, let me know what you think! This article appeared in “Z+G” Magazine, a pastry and cake decorating magazine, based in Athens, Greece. I did an online interview with the editor, Dimitris Moisoglou, so I can only take his word that he used that as content, since I don’t understand a word of it! View the PDF version here:

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Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, 2012 (Toronto, ON)

From dusk to dawn, art overtook the streets of Toronto on September 29th. My team of assistants and I did a wall of throw-ups (term used in street art culture to describe a graffiti piece put up quickly). Hence the title of this work is “Throw Up”, but unlike conventional graffiti, this is made entirely of sugar. Ironic title, to be sure, since you’d surely get sick on this saccharine confection if you ate too much! It was entirely edible, right down to the “spray paint” used for the stencil tags, thanks to Duff brand cake spray paint.
It was an intense night, with hundreds of people watching us, taking photographs and asking questions. But all of that is what also made it a really fun night. Thanks Toronto!

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“Circulation” – installed at École des métiers in Montréal

After much delay and waiting for landscaping, the sculpture is finally installed and ready for public viewing! The official inauguration of the school was held on October 24th. If you’re ever in Montreal, come by for a look. It’s visible from the sidewalk and bike path at 1922 de Maisonneuve West (formerly the old Victoria School).

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“Circulation” – sculpture for École des métiers du tourisme, Montreal

Here is the sculpture completed, recently de-molded. It still needs to be cleaned and have a sealer put on but it won’t change much more after this. It’s still at M3 Béton in this photo, awaiting for installation.

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Outdoor sculpture for l’École des métiers du tourisme – Part 2

The book sculpture is nearly complete. This will act as the form for us to use to pour the final concrete sculpture.

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